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Wimbledon School

A Jesuit school

Assisting the Indiv >making certain our pupils possess the greatest criteria of pastoral proper care

Educational Brilliance

Studying is the central business individuals university

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Thanks for visiting the new Wimbledon University site

Thank you for visiting the brand new Wimbledon School internet site. Hopefully it will allow you to gain a look to the existence and spirit of the College, the values that underpin our neighborhood and many types of the institution can give your son.

Wimbledon School carries a robust convention as a Jesuit university.

Newest Reports

Higher education and Ursuline candle lit Hazel Assistance

Come along to your Holiday musical creation of Charles Dickens’ “A Xmas Hazel”

Wimbledon College Martial arts styles Evening Thursday night four Come early july from 6 to 9pm

RT -Wimb_Coll_Tunes: Ultimate carol services. Congratulations and thank you to the choir for the endeavours through the entire time period. @Wimb_Coll_Songs AtWim.

@Wimb_Coll @JesuitsBritain It takes a community to boost a guy, we appreciate you joining our community.

He or she is a total superstar who has overflowing our institution each day since he soon started! someone to do my homework AtJesuitsBritain #AMDG https:OrAndto.companyAndqJ5HhiM3Ti

Fantastic to satisfy the boys & workers of E http://csunjazz.com/why-students-should-have-homework/ Aloysius’, Questionnaire AtJimmyNorris11 @GregAustin14. A fantastic U16 game was played AtWimb_Coll_Football on Wed which has a supper after Atoldwimbledonian. Secure voyage residence #Worldwide NumberPeople NumberAMDG Many thanks to the generous people who located for 3 times. https:And/t.coPerdXb8AwvChR

We’ve got got numerous fantastic pieces of art operate published to decorate our end of phrase hazel assistance book, it is just a shame we simply can’t incorporate every one of them. NumberDevelopment #Carols https:AndAndbig t.co/pTUL7ligxs

Our Poems (Yr12) males joined a controversy for the younger generation with the Noble College of Psychiatrists -rcpsych today. The motion was ‘This house believes that today’s world is poisonous for emotional wellness.Ha Appreciate having us. https:And/big t.corpOrWvMgR77eFl

Forthcoming Occasions

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  • Thurs 09 January 2020 20Per01And2009 double zero:double zero:double zero 2009/01And2020 ” files-filterCategoryEquates to”Sporting activities Work schedule” info-titleEquates to”Sports – Vs Merton Schools Calendar year 7 Sportshall Activities Championship” files-timeEquates to”All Day” data-imgEquates to””>
  • Sports – Versus Merton Universities Calendar year 7 Sportshall Athletics Championship

    Friday ’08 February 2020 20And01Or08 50:00:double zero 2009And01Or2020 ” data-filterCategory=”Reduced Collection” info-nameIs equal to”Figs Magis Rep Conference – P2″ files-timeEquates to”2009:forty five – ten:thirty” data-imgEquals””>

    Figs Magis Representative Meeting – P2

    Wednesday 2009 January 2020 20Per01Or’08 00:00:00 ’08And01/2020 ” information-filterCategory=”Reduce Range” data-titleIs equal to”Ruds Magis Sales rep Meeting – P3″ files-timeIs equal to”15:55 – 14:forty five” info-imgIs equal to””>

    Ruds Magis Sales rep Assembly – P3

    Thurs . 2009 February 2020 20And01And2009 00:00:00 2009Or01Per2020 ” info-filterCategoryEquates to”Reduced Collection” files-identifyEquals”LG Magis Rep Conference – P4″ info-timeIs equal to”11:55 – a dozen:40″ info-imgEquates to””>

    Ge Magis Rep Conference – P4

    Wednesday 12 January 2020 20Per01Ortough luck 00:00:50 12Or01Per2020 ” files-filterCategory=”Lower Collection” information-subject=”Disciplines Turn four” information-time=”Throughout The Day” information-imgIs equal to””>

    Tuesday 14 Jan 2020 20And01Or14 00:00:50 14Per01And2020 ” data-filterCategoryEquates to”Reduced Range” data-titleEquals”FC Getaway” information-time=”’08:fortyfive – fifteen:12″ data-imgEquates to””>

    Thursday 2009 February 2020 20Or01And’08 00:50:50 ’08Per01/2020 ” information-filterCategory=”Increased Line” data-name=”Y11 Landscape Address (Hall) ” information-timeEquals”13:25 – 20:12″ data-imgIs equal to””>

    Y11 Is important Address (Corridor)

    Thurs . 2009 February 2020 20/01Or09 50:double zero:double zero 09Per01/2020 ” data-filterCategory=”Higher Collection” data-identifyIs equal to”Sentence structure Magis Repetition Meeting – P2″ data-timeEquals”09:forty – 15:25″ info-imgIs equal to””>

    Syntax Magis Representative Assembly – P2

    Friday 20 January 2020 20/01/16 double zero:00:double zero 16/01Or2020 ” data-filterCategoryIs equal to”Greater Series” data-subjectEquals”Audio Live concert” files-timeEquates to”20:00″ info-img=””>

    Thurs 16 Present cards 2020 20Per01/16 double zero:double zero:double zero of sixteenOr01/2020 ” files-filterCategoryEquates to”Greater Line” information-titleIs equal to”Founders Day time Bulk Higher Collection & Six Kind (Sacred Cardiovascular)” files-timeIs equal to”12:50 – twelve:45″ data-img=””>

    Creators Day Muscle size Higher Series & 6th Variety (Revered Center)

    Feb 5th 24 February 2020 20/01Or24 50:00:double zero 24Or01And2020 ” info-filterCategoryIs equal to”Higher Collection” files-identify=”Y9-12 School Convention” files-timeEquates to”Throughout The Day” data-imgEquals””>

    Fri 12 January 2020 20Or01And12 50:double zero:00 15/01/2020 ” data-filterCategoryEquates to”Six Variety” information-nameEquates to”Govt Economic Service Careers Talk” data-time=”12:30 – 15:15″ files-imgEquals””>

    Federal government Monetary Service Careers Chat

    Wed 16 Jan 2020 20Per01Or20 double zero:50:50 15/01And2020 ” files-filterCategoryEquals”6th Variety” data-name=”Audio Concert” information-timeEquates to”20:50″ information-imgEquals””>

    Thurs . of sixteen February 2020 20Or01Orof sixteen 50:double zero:double zero of sixteen/01Per2020 ” information-filterCategoryEquates to”6th Type” files-identify=”Creators Day time Bulk Greater Collection & Sixth Variety (Almost holy Center)” info-time=”eleven:50 – 12:forty” info-img=””>

    Founders Evening Muscle size Larger Line & Six Variety (Holy Heart)

    Thursday night 07 Jan 2020 20Per01Per07 00:50:00 07Or01Or2020 ” information-filterCategory=”6th Form” data-subjectEquals”Y13 Parents’ Evening (UHS)” info-timeIs equal to”07:00 – eighteen:30″ info-imgEquals””>

    Y13 Parents’ Night time (UHS)

    Thursday 28 Jan 2020 20/01And28 00:50:50 28Per01Or2020 ” information-filterCategory=”Sixth Type” data-subjectEquates to”Teacher Team Distributors Achieving” data-timeEquals”All Day” files-imgIs equal to””>

    Guitar tutor Group Representatives Assembly

    Friday 06 January 2020 20Or01Per06 double zero:50:00 06/01And2020 ” information-filterCategoryEquals”Employees” files-subjectIs equal to”Line Group meetings” info-timeIs equal to”fifteen:25 – of sixteen:thirty” information-imgEquals””>

    Wednesday 07 Jan 2020 20/01Or07 50:00:double zero 07/01Or2020 ” files-filterCategoryIs equal to”Personnel” information-subjectEquals”Y13 RSL Group meetings” info-timeIs equal to”For Hours On End” information-imgEquates to””>

    Wednesday 07 February 2020 20/01And07 00:00:00 07/01Per2020 ” files-filterCategory=”Staff” information-titleEquates to”SLT Meeting (Sinnott Area)” info-timeEquals”20:45 – 18:30″ files-imgEquates to””>

    SLT Conference (Sinnott Area)

    Friday 2007 Jan 2020 20And01Or2007 50:00:double zero 2007Per01And2020 ” files-filterCategoryEquals”Workers” information-subjectIs equal to”6 Variety Management (WC)” info-timeEquals”07:00″ info-imgIs equal to””>

    Thursday night 2009 January 2020 20Or01/2009 double zero:double zero:00 2009Or01And2020 ” data-filterCategoryEquates to”Staff” files-nameIs equal to”JI Contributed Perspective 1″ data-timeEquals”All Day Long” data-img=””>

    Sunday 21 December 2019 twentyAnd12Or21 50:00:00 21OrtwelveOr2019 ” info-filterCategoryIs equal to”Hol >

    Saturday 16 Feb . 2020 20Or02Andfifteen double zero:00:double zero 20Per02Per2020 ” information-filterCategoryIs equal to”Hol >

    Weekend 04 Annual percentage rates 2020 20/04/04 00:00:double zero 04And04And2020 ” info-filterCategoryIs equal to”Hol >

    Feb 5th 2009 May well 2020 20Or05And2009 50:00:00 ’08Or05Or2020 ” data-filterCategoryEquates to”Hol >

    Weekend 23 May possibly 2020 20/05/23 00:50:00 23/05Per2020 ” info-filterCategoryIs equal to”Hol >

  • Prophetic
  • Learned
  • Faith-filled
  • Nice
  • Grateful
  • Positive
  • Interested
  • Attentive
  • Prophetic
  • Realized
  • Trust-loaded
  • Nice
  • Pleased
  • Confident
  • Wondering
  • Heedful
  • “I am quite proud to have being part of a Jesuit school ” – Rhetoric Leaver 2019

    “The possibilities I’ve had this season to visit a lot additional in the duration of the varsity has created me realise simply how much individuals go about doing love it” – Unsupported claims Leaver 2019

    “I feel completely extremely pleased to personally each student of Wimbledon College.” – Over stated claims Leaver 2019

    “I don’t even think every other college concentrates on the lads that people should certainly turn out to be and just how we’re going to impact the entire world close to us, and for that reason We are proud to have went to the College.” – Over stated claims Leaver 2019